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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Revise.... revise... revise....

So here it is- almost May, a year after I said I was going to have this darn thing out and I think I've sent it to maybe 5 agents. And, now, I'm looking at all of these awesome folks who are self publishing.

So, I ask myself- should I or shouldn't I? Will I have success? Should I hunker down and cast that ol' net out there to see if any fish, er, agents, bite? I use my massive talent (lol) at marketing and word of mouth to do a self publishing blitz?

Well, for now, I'm revising. Working over that familiar tome so that it will be at it's best, regardless of what I choose to do with it. I've got a better voice at the beginning - amazing how underdeveloped she was and how much unnecessary information was in the first thirty pages.

Besides that, I need to get busy on her next adventure. I know my turn is coming up for writing group so I guess I should get busy!

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