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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Winter 'Wonder'land

It's that time of year for me to hunker down with a book, a blankie, a mug of something warm and tasty, and of course- a fire in the fireplace. Once there, I am transported back to winter of my adolescence. I'm curled up on my parents' couch, the smells and sounds of family surround me. This moment- warmth and love radiating, my imagination roaming-is one of my all time favorites. I adore that now, on the precipice of 40, I can use these four magical items to transport me to that wondrous place anytime I choose. These days, I can also use it to ignite my own imagination for writing. Be it with a journal and a special pen, or my laptop, I can curl up and be in that wondrous place. The stories I've read come flooding back and provide me jumping points to weave my own words.

During the holiday season, it can be tough to find hours, let alone minutes, to sit and write or read. But I make time. Lately it's been mostly reading, something I can do in short sprints and spurts. I find it hard to sit and write in the few moments I find between wrapping gifts, running kids, and the more mundane things like work and housecleaning. I know there are people out there who can sit and write for ten minutes here and there, but unless it's writing a really bad poem, or an idea down, it's not me.

Take heart though- if you're like me- and simply read. Remember, reading is research for writing; at least I tell myself it is! Whether I'm reading a fabulous piece of literary art, or something I'll send the author a note about why I cannot review it, I find value. Reading makes me assess my own skills. For instance, the word 'that'. We all know it; some of us abhor it. It shows up in my writing WAY too often. So, when I'm reading a book for review (usually from and Indie author) I take notice of the things I find annoying, or devices I find amusing or useful. I can take these bits and pieces and use them in the self-critique of my own work. Writing is a process, of course, and as a writer, I'm constantly growing. It's like any other hobby or job. You have to continue to explore and apply to hone your skill.  One of these days, I'll be close to happy about what I write (most likely when I'm closing in on 90). In the meantime I will remind myself whatever 'book' related work I do- be it reading or writing- is improving my own skill and keeping the creative spirit alive.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Where is my month going??

Wow, okay, so today is not about writing- well, not directly anyway. Does it seem as though the older we get the faster times goes? I mean, really? Just the other day I was thinking, wow, it's almost Halloween- and now, here it is the sixth of December. My daughter turns 13 in two days. It doesn't seem possible! To top it off, I was thinking, "gee, I've been good about writing! I just wrote 3k+ words the other day!" .... Which would be fantastic, if it really were just the other day- not over a week ago! I've set Tansy aside for the holidays and am working (or at least in my mind) on a novella called The Christmas Stranger. It has more of a mainline fiction appeal- with a Christian twist. I'm hoping I'll get the first draft done by New Years so it will give me ten months to tweak and edit in time for a release next November.

In light of the fact that my time appears to be slipping away- I'm keeping it short today. Just wanted to pop in and let you know I haven't fallen down any wells or gotten trampled by any reindeer!

Happy Holiday!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

For Free?!

I am conflicted.

Yes, over many things, and often, I admit; my family will tell you that I'm afflicted with the 'or maybe' syndrome. But hey, it's a great affliction for plot development and I'm working on controlling it in real life. For today, I'm focusing on my conflict regarding Tansy and how to put a price on my blood, sweat and tears (not to mention some gray and missing hair).

In the beginning, I researched what an ebook should be priced at, and let me tell you, there is a LOT of information out there on the subject. And, yes, you guessed it- a lot of it is conflicting! So, I settled on what I considered a modest price of $2.99. All of my friends, family and a few others, decided this was a fair price for all of my hard work and they gleefully purchased a copy for themselves. In the months following, my sales waned. I decided to up my marketing- I tweeted, blogged, and facebooked my little heart out. There were a few more sales. I researched price setting again. Many fellow Indie authors support the idea of the 99 cent read. So, I decided to try it out. I reset the price on Amazon, and did more tweeting and facebooking. My sales rose- quite a bit too! Yay! Happiness that my precious literary child was out to more folks to enjoy. This is when I realized what I'd known all along- that the enjoyment of my work was worth more than the sales she generated. So, now, the conflict. I'm happy to have my book 'for sale' and I'm happy it is being purchased- but would I be happier if I made it free? I don't know! It seems that those 99 pennies make it somehow 'worth' more. But really? Should they? And that, my friends, is the conflict. So, (and I deeply thank all of you who've purchased a copy, really I do!) I'm going to try this- for December only- in the spirit of giving.

I'm making Tansy Taylor available for FREE for the month- starting Black Friday. I mean, if you're giving a Kindle or a Nook to someone- won't it be nice to add some free reading material?? So, this is my gift to all of you who haven't had a chance to buy a copy- because frankly, it really isn't all about the purchase, but the insurmountable joy of seeing my book get downloaded and read. In return, all I really want for Christmas is a review on Amazon- because they make me feel good in about the same way a nice warm chocolate cookie does. (And I don't need to consume any more of those!)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Oh, Deer!

Now, I'm not above admitting that I can be (from time to time) grammatically challenged. Truth is, I've fallen a long way from grace since my high school and college days. In fact, I think it can add flavor to writing styles too- I mean, who uses perfect English in conversation, eh? But there comes a point where I must, MUST draw a line in the sand.

Make sure you check out this site for
 really funny photos for when you're
really ticked off.

That line, my friends, is mispronouncing the word 'ask.'

Ask? You question. Yes, ask.

Somewhere along the way, a good portion of the population of these great United States has decided 'ask' is actually pronounced, 'axe'. Sometimes I've even heard it 'axskes'.

People, really? You say this word and I conjure up images of you 'axing' someone. Let me assure you, they cannot answer any questions after you hack away at them with a sharp tool meant for splitting wood. It ain't gonna happen.

Oh, and by the way- it can go either way with Axe. I just prefer three-letter words!

Check out The Grammarist online to alleviate much of your grammar-related head scratching!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

And we're off!!!!!

Okay all you writers, dreamers, and wannabees- It's officially day UNO of National Novel Writers Month- aka- NanoWriMo! Yay!

And... here it is verging on sunset where I am and I have yet to write word ONE. Of course I have about ten different scenarios running around in my big old noggin too. Should I go mystery? Or maybe young adult? Or what about a romance? There was even an idea that walked a little on the naughty side (wink wink). What to do, what to do!

Well, if it's like Nano's past... I will
A) panic and pour a glass of wine
B) panic a little more
C) have another glass of wine, panic a little more...
D) decide to finish the bottle and then writing, as by now I've decided I've nothing to lose and to just get on with it!

So, good luck to thee, yon authors- I have full faith that we will all panic a little, keep the wine and chocolate industry in the black, and most importantly- finish our 50k.

I will post next week what my word count is- any for any of you out there who'd like to be a NaNo buddy- you can find me as Kat37.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What's behind Door #3? sub-plots

Ah, sub-plot, one of my favorite friends. I absolutely love reading a book and getting hooked into a sub-plot; especially when it goes on for a series. When I'm writing, I want to capture that essence, that depth that sub-plot offers a book. After all, isn't sub-plot just a layer of story that lends credibility and realism to your characters? We all have sub-plot in our life. The trick in writing, is finding the right balance- not too much, but not too little.

We all have those friends- the ones when asked, 'so, how are you doing?' can go on for hours about everything in their life- right down to their feelings on second cousin Mavis' best friend from high school who may or may not have had a giant mole removed from her left buttock. Obviously, MORE sub-plot than we want or even need to know about right? The we have the silent ones- who answer 'fine'; then, a week later punch out their sister in the middle of a fancy restaurant because she caught her cheating on her fabulously hot husband a year ago and just can't take the guilt of knowing anymore. Probably could have used a teeny bit more sub-plot with that friend. Anyway, I give you these examples of real life- or what could be real life, to illustrate a point. Your characters need sub-plot to be interesting. I don't know about you, but I would have loved to have the guilt rolling around in the character's thoughts about what to do with the knowledge of the sins of the sister. It makes her real, and we, the readers, ache to make it all better. We know what she should do, and silently urge her to speak to her sister, then, when it blows up a the restaurant, we share in her pain- and the instant guilt of airing such dirty laundry in a very public place. It adds depth and substance to our story.

So, you say, of course I want my characters to have depth and my readers to feel a connection- but how do I create this feeling- and how do I know if I have too much or too little??

So, let me address the second question first- and I'll say, I'm a poor judge of this normally. I will, unfortunately, or fortunately for some of my friends, sit and listen until the cows come home about all sorts of weird crap and odd relatives. I find it fascinating. However, I know I'm the minority. So, for the question of too much or too little- I rely on beta readers- aka, my friends and my cronies in the Writer's Asylum . They will tell me with all honestly- where they stopped caring and started thinking about what to make for dinner- but even more so, where they wanted to know more. I also can tell most often, since I've trained myself, to look for the more/less factor when I'm proof reading. It can be tricky, but definitely doable.

As for the first question- you may already have this nailed, but if you find your character's lacking, here are a few tricks.

1. Create a diagram of the main characters and their relationships. Build some friction from those relationships. I love me some white/wipe- board action. Storyboarding with circles and bubbles is the bomb!

2. Interview some characters. Along the way, you'll find out something interesting. Maybe your leading lady has an intense fear of spiders and somewhere in the story she has to go into a creepy basement, full of the nasty little arachnids. And, maybe she has to go down there with someone who she doesn't want to know about her fear- say a hot crime fighting partner who might find it a weak attribute or maybe her arch-nemesis from college who will blog it all over the Internet. Use this one characteristic to build a sub-plot into your story.

3. Use a plot generator. Depending on your story type, and what you have going on, it can be fun to use a quirky plot generator for some odd sub-plots. I really enjoy using these during NaNoWriMo as well. You can find them all over the Internet- and there are some posted links here on the side of my blog.

Happy Plotting!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Genre Surfing

Genre are sort of like warm blankies. You may have several, lying around your house, but there is that one special blankie that makes you feel all warm and snugglie inside. That's how it is for me and book genres. Whether I'm writing or reading, I'm really most comfortable with mystery, and occasionally I'll venture into romance or even a little science fiction- say if my mystery blankie is in the wash.

Recently, I had the opportunity to read a new genre- steampunk. To be completely honest, I had to look it up to find out what it even was! I review books for Tracy Riva ( and the book I received to review was out of my normal 'blankie bounds'. So, just like a new blanket, I tried it out. Low and behold, I think I like it! Now, I can't say that for this genre on a whole, but, I really did enjoy this particular book. It mixes steam-era living, think Old West or Victorian era- with something futuristic- in this case, purposeful genetic mutation. What is created is a very interesting world. (The book is 'The Converted' by C.R. Hindmarsh.) And of course, now it's got me thinking. Would I enjoy writing something akin to this story? It's an interesting thought, taking two very different technologies and juxtaposing them in a story. It's quite a liberating thought, really.

This leads me to my second question this morning- Do you write in more than one genre? There are several big name authors that do- James Patterson, for one. Many authors write under different names for their different genres- take Nora Roberts/ J.D. Robb. If you do write in more than one genre, do you write under different names? I find it interesting, just as a social question as well. Personally, I think I would (will?) write under a different name for different genres. As a reader, it can be confusing to pick up a book (not to name names) called 'The Lake House' and instead of a romance, get a strange mystery/thriller involving winged creatures. (Don't get me wrong- I loved the book! Just wasn't what I was expecting!)

Here's a thought for NaNo- instead of wrapping up in that same tattered blankie- try a brand new blankie out! I think I will- this one may be a little stiff at first, but you never know, it might get soft and snuggly the more I use it!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

NaNo! NaNo! NaNo!

It's almost here! One of my favorite (non-holiday or food related) times of the year! National Novel Writing Month- the birthplace of Tansy Taylor, and some other less successful stories. So what are you writing for NaNo this year? Don't worry, we still have 27 days, 11 hours and some change before we have to write that first word. If you're like me though, you may already be making lists, writing ideas on receipts, napkin scraps or the odd piece of toilet paper (you work with what you've got) to find the perfect NaNo idea.

This year I'm struggling. I'm deep into Tansy 2 and wondering if I should be sparing the time from my WIP to go off on a NaNo lark. But, then I think, what am I saying? Of COURSE I'll do NaNo. I've been such a major procrastinator lately that even though my schedule is packed to the hilt with work, book reviews, school activities and the evil WIP, I will make the time. If you've never done NaNo, you may not understand this intense need to challenge yourself to this insane creative call to write fifty THOUSAND words in thirty days, but let me say- it's sort of like an annual addiction.  It's the chance to lose yourself in writing; to be able to say no when people pester you to do things you normally feel guilty about saying no to; and to come out on the other end of November with something that could quite conceviably become your next great book.

One of my favorite things about NaNo (for those of us who are pale hermit-like writers who rarely leave home) is the opportunity to get out and meet other writers in our area. Wrimos are a varied group- in my own area I've met people who only write during NaNoWriMo and others who are veteran daily scribes. There are teenagers, retirees, techies,homemakers, men, women, pansters and planners. People obsessed with other worlds, mythical creatures, historical romances, tradgedy, true crime, and so much more come to meet and simply write (and maybe enjoy some tasty pasteries and java).

And, did I mention the perks? NaNoWriMo has a TON of great deals for those of us persistant enough to get our 50K in. (One of my favorites is the 50% off for Scrivener that I'll be able to use once my free Windows beta version is over and the real deal is for sale). There are several writing software offers out there this year- a great chance to try out a different format style, if you dare to try something different.

Bottom line, NaNoWriMo is a great (and safe) way to create a new story with a fun deadline looming over your head. Beleive me, once you start you'll keep on until you cross that finish line!

Check out this year's site so far and find your region!

Happy writing!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Short and Sweet...

"When it comes to writing, let's be a little reckless, don't think, just do.
Put the pen to paper, the fingers to keyboard, don't think about what you're spitting up, just let it flow and see where it takes you, sometimes your fingers are the real writers and you're just the enabler. Let them have a chance to shine, too."   ~Cassie P.
This morning, sharing a piece of wisdom from a fellow inmate at the Asylum. I've been thinking way too hard about what is coming out. So, in preparation for all you NaNo'ers out there- don't think- just write. Let it flow down the brainstem to the arms and out the fingers in whatever medium you choose. Can't find words? Draw a picture. Just get it out!

This week it's all about volume for me- not quality. That can come later in the (gag) editing phase.

So go forth and WRITE!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Double Homicide... how do you motivate your characters?

Sad state of affairs on the way to school this morning. A possum lie dead, just inches from the green shroud of safety on the other side of the road. His would-be pursuer, a racoon, lay dead, just inches behind him. Both will be mourned by the twelve year old girl riding in the car.

Anyway- it started me thinking (of course) about motivation and how our characters are driven to make the choices they do. So, what do you do when that's all they 'want' to do- sit around and go in circles? I literally watch my characters wander around, in a circle, accompishing nothing. It's one of my biggest aggrivators. Of course,  I have a couple of suggestions, if you suffer from this same sad misfortune. Those of you with characters who do nothing boring and are interesting ALL the time, well, lucky you, tune in next week... lol. But for the rest of us~

1. Lists- Create a list of events that your character will star in- or conflicts they seem to have with other characters. Then, let your characters 'lead' you to that point in the story. It gives you goals in your writing, and keeps the characters on track. Mine would stop for a pastry and a coffee every chance they get, and never get anything done.

2. Use a writing program, such as Scrivener, to outline or plot some basics. I am a Scrivener fanatic- I love being able to create 'scene' titles and then write the scene, and move it around as needed. Sometimes I can just feel an argument coming on with a couple of characters, and this program let's them get it out, and allows me to get into down on 'paper'.

3. Observe life around you, and use it to your advantage. I find that morning radio is has a plethora of ideas just waiting to happen. One of my favorites is 'inappropriate Friday' - last week they were talking about inappropriate relatives, which gave me an idea for a character that will come into Tansy's adventure, and motivate her to get things done and get out of town- as quick as possible.

So, I know it's not a lot- but it may lead you to other ideas you may have when you are in need of some character motivation. I know I've got to keep Tansy out of the bakeries and out interacting and solving the mystery! If you have a motivational technique- please share in the comments! I know I can always use more tools in the old toolbox.

Oh, and P.S. I have a soft spot for animals- well, most of them. Possum's are on the list of 'not so much' but they did creep up a bit after reading a review of a book 'Possum Summer' by Jen K Blom. (If you like 'Where the Red Fern Grows' it's right up your alley.)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


We all have road blocks from time to time- for Tansy, they’re bad guys and bad hairdos. For me, it's computer issues or laziness. Regardless, though, we need to take a page from Tansy's book and forge on. How, otherwise, will we find out (for those of us writing mysteries) whodunit? How will we find out what wonderfully romantic twist will blow our MC's socks off?

Most days, I can come up with at least a million excuses as to why I'm NOT working on writing- the floor needs vacuuming, I need to organize my closet, the dog barfed- throw a dart and call it- whatever it lands on, I'll have no problem coming up with double that many excuses. Most days, I can do a bit of something, and then get down to writing. It's my agreement with myself. I give in to my drag your feet lazy nature, and then reward myself by writing for at least half that time, or if I'm adventurous- the same or even, gasp, more time.

But, you say, what am I to do? I argue and plead and thrash around (yes, temper tantrums are NOT above this author) and I just cannot seem to make myself make time. Well, here's the challenge. The next time you find yourself organizing anything by some ridiculous system (i.e.- pantry by color and country of food origin) you sit yourself down and write your character doing this same thing. It could be they are working on solving a mystery, and sorting makes them think straight (we all know that's EXACTLY what you told yourself) or maybe they have someone they cannot stand who is completely crazy anal-retentive and they try to have a conversation with this person. Whatever you come up with - USE the procrastination 'job' as a tool for your writing. It doesn't have to 'fit' with your current WIP, it can just be an exercise, but - it did it's 'job'- it got you writing.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Very Sad Day Indeed....

Well, it's official... I am not all great and powerful and the world does NOT beckon to my every whim. Okay, in my head it still works that way, but in the real world- hell no! My baby is in the hospital. Yup, hardrive going down- had to take her in to see if they can bring her back from the 'mostly dead'. Where is Miracle Max when you need him? Oy, so, today's lesson is- new computer does not instantly = better computer. In April- after I'd completed my book and my husband had gotten a bonus- he took me out and bought me a bright shiny new laptop. We poured over which to buy, and in the end, settled on almost the exact same model that he'd bought me six years prior. I'd never had a problem with my laptop, and in fact, except for a small 'cold' that took her out of commission for a week or so, she had been the ultimate computer best friend. (As a matter of fact, I'm writing on her as we, er, speak.)

So, now for the 'Yes, Virginia, Kathy is not the brightest' moment. Can we say, backup your work? Everybody, repeat after me - 'Even though you have a NEW computer and you've NEVER had a computer issue before- BACK UP YOUR WORK!'

Yes, as the Geek Squad leader (who maintains five external hard drives at his home for all of his precious electronic 'stuff') told me- you MUST backup. So, moral of the story- don't think that NEW is BETTER- because sometimes, it just ain't the truth! Now, everyone say a little prayer for Tansy's recovery- because, even though most of it's in my head- it just won't be the same if I don't get it back in one piece.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Terrible Awnry No Good Rotten Words...

Writing is hard.

Don't get me wrong- I love it. Without writing, there would be less of 'me'. It is an escape, a daydream of sorts, and I love getting lost in my stories. But the act of writing those stories down- in a mainly coherent mannor- is taxing. It takes effort to get all of the nuances and details absolutely correct. Actually, for me it is an insane amount of effort when my perspective on characters can change suddenly and sometimes deliberately.

Take Tansy's mom, June. In my first book, she is introduced as somewhat of a free spirit or hippie. Tansy needed a way to connect with Callie, and they found a commonality in their mothers. Now, Tansy is back in her home town, and low and behold, her mom is not a hippie. In fact, she is more of the June Cleaver type. So, how to marry this stubborn character with what I'd already planned for her, is the task at hand. Fortunately, this is fiction, and I have the liberty to make crazy things happen. Unfortunately, it is not in my own nature to just change people. So, you can imagine, I'm busy creating a whole backstory as to why Tansy's mom was once a hippie and now has morphed into a conservative June Cleaver, polyester pants, pearls and all.

To all you writers out there- keep up the hard work, and don't let these stubborn characters get you down!

Friday, August 19, 2011

An ode to the night bugs

Secada singing in the trees,
lightning bugs swarm beneath.

June bugs flinging into the fans,
watch out, no one knows where they'll land!

Moths, you great fuzzy friends,
the light, your fixation, makes you fry.

I love you all, my night companions,
to listen and watch, but mind the interaction!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Crank it UP!

Listing to my Lady Gaga channel on Pandora and cranking out the words!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Live on Kindle!

Tansy Taylor: Paranormal P.I. - my debut novel is now available for download on Kindle. I'm very excited to have her out in the world!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Thanks to my 'models' (Kate, Chris, Emma, and Trey) .... and my baby, Josephine for posing in our cover art!


Well, after some persuasive arguments by my children (they said the title made them think of steak) I decided to go back to our original title. I guess I must agree! Things in book 2 are coming along nicely- We should have some great action scenes- including an unfortunate incident in pudding wrestling at the local bar....

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cousin Hoyt - Oy Vay!

To look at Cousin Hoyt was to be repelled. I don't care who you are- there was something that would put you off. Personally, for me, it was his open mouth chewing. I mean, really? You're in your twenties, shouldn't you know chewing with your mouth open spewing food is rude? For others it was his disgusting build up of ear wax, his penchant for picking his nose, or even the high pitch girly squeel he made when he spotted a spider. How he managed to land a woman like Stormy however, is no suprise- all it took was winning millions in the lottery.

Now, I know for a fact that she must have been taking some heavy duty meds in order to get past the gag reflex when it came to bedroom activities, but other than that, she had it pretty good. The guy is completed addicted to his xbox and Stormy was addicted to shopping, traveling, and plastic surgery. It worked out great, until someone decided that Stormy needed to be gone- permanently.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

'Medium Rare'

Success! After countless dreams, sleepless (okay, well, I did sleep, but I woke up grumpy!) nights I have finally found a title for Tansy's first adventure! The title, 'Medium Rare', will be published up on several platforms in the upcoming weeks. All of you with e-readers, keep a lookout!

I'm doing my best to keep the blog and my facebook fan page updated with information. You can 'like' me at

Over the weekend I've been coming up with character development for Tansy's second adventure. Just a peek? Well, okay, twist my arm! You will get to meet Tansy's slovenly cousin Hoyt and of course, her mom and dad. Now that her skills as a P.I. are out of the closet (of course, no one knows that she can see ghosts, that's her own little secret) she has been called back to her hometown to help solve the murder of Cousin Hoyt's recently departed wife, Stormy.

Keep watching for more - and maybe some help from the audience when writer's block hits :)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Can we get a title pleeeeease?

Okay- Here is a synopsis- If you are a 'fan' on facebook- thanks! If not- well- why not?? Here is a brief synopsis of Tansy- we are aiming for a great and fabulous- and did I mention catchy? title! If one of you is the brilliant creator- you will of course get credit for your wonderfully stupendous contribution!

A week ago Tansy never would've dreamed she'd be taking cover with a detective watching a friend literally blow up a Russian arms deal. But then, she hadn't expected to perform striptease or talk to ghosts either.

Craving escape from her dead-end job at the shady Psychic Friends' Neighborhood, Tansy goes under cover to try and find answers about a desperate caller's missing boyfriend, Buster. Her first day out Tansy makes two startling discoveries-first, Buster is dead and second, she can communicate with him.

Before she knows it, Tansy is in over her pink-haired head trying to figure out what a dead wash-bay boy, stolen files, and the Russian mob all have to do with slimy used car salesmen. While her spunk and determination get her answers, her lust for a sexy P.I. might get her into even hotter water.

One of those people who seem to attract mayhem, including no-good boyfriends, a pink hair-do, random firings, and crispy-fried cars, Tansy bumbles along in life and in detecting. What starts out as a simple missing person's case soon evolves into a trans-Pacific criminal ring involving kidnapping, guns, thugs, and stolen cars.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Tansy Meets Johnny.....

"What can I do for you ladies?” Hottie had some nice eyes; they sparkled and reminded me of the blue glass I used to find on the beach growing up. I tried not to sigh, I was smitten. This, unfortunately, is how it works for me and the opposite sex. I am either not at all attracted to them and can function completely like a normal person, or, well, basically the opposite happens. I am instantly sucked into an alternate universe of complete attraction, reduced to a non-verbal clumsy, and highly dysfunctional pile of goo. Fortunately, I have gotten past the slobbering that used to happen when I was in high school, thank god.

- Stay Tuned for more excerpts from Tansy Taylor...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Decision Time

Okay, so I've decided that I'm going Rogue- doing things myself- in other words.... self publishing! Only, with a twist... I'm going to publish Tansy as an e-book while I work on my next novel.

She's all ready to go- and I figure in these tough economic times, why not be a risk taker! So, in the next few weeks, while I am on vacation back home, I will be formatting away and getting her up and going for an array of e-reader formats.

There is a new facebook page as well and as soon as I get cover art it will be there for the viewing! Stay tuned for more- back to the trenches!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Revise.... revise... revise....

So here it is- almost May, a year after I said I was going to have this darn thing out and I think I've sent it to maybe 5 agents. And, now, I'm looking at all of these awesome folks who are self publishing.

So, I ask myself- should I or shouldn't I? Will I have success? Should I hunker down and cast that ol' net out there to see if any fish, er, agents, bite? I use my massive talent (lol) at marketing and word of mouth to do a self publishing blitz?

Well, for now, I'm revising. Working over that familiar tome so that it will be at it's best, regardless of what I choose to do with it. I've got a better voice at the beginning - amazing how underdeveloped she was and how much unnecessary information was in the first thirty pages.

Besides that, I need to get busy on her next adventure. I know my turn is coming up for writing group so I guess I should get busy!