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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Oh, Deer!

Now, I'm not above admitting that I can be (from time to time) grammatically challenged. Truth is, I've fallen a long way from grace since my high school and college days. In fact, I think it can add flavor to writing styles too- I mean, who uses perfect English in conversation, eh? But there comes a point where I must, MUST draw a line in the sand.

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That line, my friends, is mispronouncing the word 'ask.'

Ask? You question. Yes, ask.

Somewhere along the way, a good portion of the population of these great United States has decided 'ask' is actually pronounced, 'axe'. Sometimes I've even heard it 'axskes'.

People, really? You say this word and I conjure up images of you 'axing' someone. Let me assure you, they cannot answer any questions after you hack away at them with a sharp tool meant for splitting wood. It ain't gonna happen.

Oh, and by the way- it can go either way with Axe. I just prefer three-letter words!

Check out The Grammarist online to alleviate much of your grammar-related head scratching!

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