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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

For Free?!

I am conflicted.

Yes, over many things, and often, I admit; my family will tell you that I'm afflicted with the 'or maybe' syndrome. But hey, it's a great affliction for plot development and I'm working on controlling it in real life. For today, I'm focusing on my conflict regarding Tansy and how to put a price on my blood, sweat and tears (not to mention some gray and missing hair).

In the beginning, I researched what an ebook should be priced at, and let me tell you, there is a LOT of information out there on the subject. And, yes, you guessed it- a lot of it is conflicting! So, I settled on what I considered a modest price of $2.99. All of my friends, family and a few others, decided this was a fair price for all of my hard work and they gleefully purchased a copy for themselves. In the months following, my sales waned. I decided to up my marketing- I tweeted, blogged, and facebooked my little heart out. There were a few more sales. I researched price setting again. Many fellow Indie authors support the idea of the 99 cent read. So, I decided to try it out. I reset the price on Amazon, and did more tweeting and facebooking. My sales rose- quite a bit too! Yay! Happiness that my precious literary child was out to more folks to enjoy. This is when I realized what I'd known all along- that the enjoyment of my work was worth more than the sales she generated. So, now, the conflict. I'm happy to have my book 'for sale' and I'm happy it is being purchased- but would I be happier if I made it free? I don't know! It seems that those 99 pennies make it somehow 'worth' more. But really? Should they? And that, my friends, is the conflict. So, (and I deeply thank all of you who've purchased a copy, really I do!) I'm going to try this- for December only- in the spirit of giving.

I'm making Tansy Taylor available for FREE for the month- starting Black Friday. I mean, if you're giving a Kindle or a Nook to someone- won't it be nice to add some free reading material?? So, this is my gift to all of you who haven't had a chance to buy a copy- because frankly, it really isn't all about the purchase, but the insurmountable joy of seeing my book get downloaded and read. In return, all I really want for Christmas is a review on Amazon- because they make me feel good in about the same way a nice warm chocolate cookie does. (And I don't need to consume any more of those!)

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