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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Where is my month going??

Wow, okay, so today is not about writing- well, not directly anyway. Does it seem as though the older we get the faster times goes? I mean, really? Just the other day I was thinking, wow, it's almost Halloween- and now, here it is the sixth of December. My daughter turns 13 in two days. It doesn't seem possible! To top it off, I was thinking, "gee, I've been good about writing! I just wrote 3k+ words the other day!" .... Which would be fantastic, if it really were just the other day- not over a week ago! I've set Tansy aside for the holidays and am working (or at least in my mind) on a novella called The Christmas Stranger. It has more of a mainline fiction appeal- with a Christian twist. I'm hoping I'll get the first draft done by New Years so it will give me ten months to tweak and edit in time for a release next November.

In light of the fact that my time appears to be slipping away- I'm keeping it short today. Just wanted to pop in and let you know I haven't fallen down any wells or gotten trampled by any reindeer!

Happy Holiday!

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