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Friday, June 10, 2011

Can we get a title pleeeeease?

Okay- Here is a synopsis- If you are a 'fan' on facebook- thanks! If not- well- why not?? Here is a brief synopsis of Tansy- we are aiming for a great and fabulous- and did I mention catchy? title! If one of you is the brilliant creator- you will of course get credit for your wonderfully stupendous contribution!

A week ago Tansy never would've dreamed she'd be taking cover with a detective watching a friend literally blow up a Russian arms deal. But then, she hadn't expected to perform striptease or talk to ghosts either.

Craving escape from her dead-end job at the shady Psychic Friends' Neighborhood, Tansy goes under cover to try and find answers about a desperate caller's missing boyfriend, Buster. Her first day out Tansy makes two startling discoveries-first, Buster is dead and second, she can communicate with him.

Before she knows it, Tansy is in over her pink-haired head trying to figure out what a dead wash-bay boy, stolen files, and the Russian mob all have to do with slimy used car salesmen. While her spunk and determination get her answers, her lust for a sexy P.I. might get her into even hotter water.

One of those people who seem to attract mayhem, including no-good boyfriends, a pink hair-do, random firings, and crispy-fried cars, Tansy bumbles along in life and in detecting. What starts out as a simple missing person's case soon evolves into a trans-Pacific criminal ring involving kidnapping, guns, thugs, and stolen cars.

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