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Sunday, July 10, 2011

'Medium Rare'

Success! After countless dreams, sleepless (okay, well, I did sleep, but I woke up grumpy!) nights I have finally found a title for Tansy's first adventure! The title, 'Medium Rare', will be published up on several platforms in the upcoming weeks. All of you with e-readers, keep a lookout!

I'm doing my best to keep the blog and my facebook fan page updated with information. You can 'like' me at

Over the weekend I've been coming up with character development for Tansy's second adventure. Just a peek? Well, okay, twist my arm! You will get to meet Tansy's slovenly cousin Hoyt and of course, her mom and dad. Now that her skills as a P.I. are out of the closet (of course, no one knows that she can see ghosts, that's her own little secret) she has been called back to her hometown to help solve the murder of Cousin Hoyt's recently departed wife, Stormy.

Keep watching for more - and maybe some help from the audience when writer's block hits :)

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