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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cousin Hoyt - Oy Vay!

To look at Cousin Hoyt was to be repelled. I don't care who you are- there was something that would put you off. Personally, for me, it was his open mouth chewing. I mean, really? You're in your twenties, shouldn't you know chewing with your mouth open spewing food is rude? For others it was his disgusting build up of ear wax, his penchant for picking his nose, or even the high pitch girly squeel he made when he spotted a spider. How he managed to land a woman like Stormy however, is no suprise- all it took was winning millions in the lottery.

Now, I know for a fact that she must have been taking some heavy duty meds in order to get past the gag reflex when it came to bedroom activities, but other than that, she had it pretty good. The guy is completed addicted to his xbox and Stormy was addicted to shopping, traveling, and plastic surgery. It worked out great, until someone decided that Stormy needed to be gone- permanently.

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