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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

NaNo! NaNo! NaNo!

It's almost here! One of my favorite (non-holiday or food related) times of the year! National Novel Writing Month- the birthplace of Tansy Taylor, and some other less successful stories. So what are you writing for NaNo this year? Don't worry, we still have 27 days, 11 hours and some change before we have to write that first word. If you're like me though, you may already be making lists, writing ideas on receipts, napkin scraps or the odd piece of toilet paper (you work with what you've got) to find the perfect NaNo idea.

This year I'm struggling. I'm deep into Tansy 2 and wondering if I should be sparing the time from my WIP to go off on a NaNo lark. But, then I think, what am I saying? Of COURSE I'll do NaNo. I've been such a major procrastinator lately that even though my schedule is packed to the hilt with work, book reviews, school activities and the evil WIP, I will make the time. If you've never done NaNo, you may not understand this intense need to challenge yourself to this insane creative call to write fifty THOUSAND words in thirty days, but let me say- it's sort of like an annual addiction.  It's the chance to lose yourself in writing; to be able to say no when people pester you to do things you normally feel guilty about saying no to; and to come out on the other end of November with something that could quite conceviably become your next great book.

One of my favorite things about NaNo (for those of us who are pale hermit-like writers who rarely leave home) is the opportunity to get out and meet other writers in our area. Wrimos are a varied group- in my own area I've met people who only write during NaNoWriMo and others who are veteran daily scribes. There are teenagers, retirees, techies,homemakers, men, women, pansters and planners. People obsessed with other worlds, mythical creatures, historical romances, tradgedy, true crime, and so much more come to meet and simply write (and maybe enjoy some tasty pasteries and java).

And, did I mention the perks? NaNoWriMo has a TON of great deals for those of us persistant enough to get our 50K in. (One of my favorites is the 50% off for Scrivener that I'll be able to use once my free Windows beta version is over and the real deal is for sale). There are several writing software offers out there this year- a great chance to try out a different format style, if you dare to try something different.

Bottom line, NaNoWriMo is a great (and safe) way to create a new story with a fun deadline looming over your head. Beleive me, once you start you'll keep on until you cross that finish line!

Check out this year's site so far and find your region!

Happy writing!!


  1. I am scared of NANO, honestly. 50K (or is it more?) words in a month??? I had totally thought of doing it last year but this year, I have written a lot (though all are in revision phase). So, I do not think I can take up intensive NaNo test! :D All the best with it!

  2. I am debating whether or not to do this. I don't see the point in taking time away if you already write on a schedule, as I do. I can see how it would be a great thing for writers who procrastinate or find themselves waiting for "the muse" to appear, though. Do you find that it detracts from your WIP quality time in a bad way? BTW, I love your blog. I added it to my blogroll. :)