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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Short and Sweet...

"When it comes to writing, let's be a little reckless, don't think, just do.
Put the pen to paper, the fingers to keyboard, don't think about what you're spitting up, just let it flow and see where it takes you, sometimes your fingers are the real writers and you're just the enabler. Let them have a chance to shine, too."   ~Cassie P.
This morning, sharing a piece of wisdom from a fellow inmate at the Asylum. I've been thinking way too hard about what is coming out. So, in preparation for all you NaNo'ers out there- don't think- just write. Let it flow down the brainstem to the arms and out the fingers in whatever medium you choose. Can't find words? Draw a picture. Just get it out!

This week it's all about volume for me- not quality. That can come later in the (gag) editing phase.

So go forth and WRITE!