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Tuesday, September 13, 2011


We all have road blocks from time to time- for Tansy, they’re bad guys and bad hairdos. For me, it's computer issues or laziness. Regardless, though, we need to take a page from Tansy's book and forge on. How, otherwise, will we find out (for those of us writing mysteries) whodunit? How will we find out what wonderfully romantic twist will blow our MC's socks off?

Most days, I can come up with at least a million excuses as to why I'm NOT working on writing- the floor needs vacuuming, I need to organize my closet, the dog barfed- throw a dart and call it- whatever it lands on, I'll have no problem coming up with double that many excuses. Most days, I can do a bit of something, and then get down to writing. It's my agreement with myself. I give in to my drag your feet lazy nature, and then reward myself by writing for at least half that time, or if I'm adventurous- the same or even, gasp, more time.

But, you say, what am I to do? I argue and plead and thrash around (yes, temper tantrums are NOT above this author) and I just cannot seem to make myself make time. Well, here's the challenge. The next time you find yourself organizing anything by some ridiculous system (i.e.- pantry by color and country of food origin) you sit yourself down and write your character doing this same thing. It could be they are working on solving a mystery, and sorting makes them think straight (we all know that's EXACTLY what you told yourself) or maybe they have someone they cannot stand who is completely crazy anal-retentive and they try to have a conversation with this person. Whatever you come up with - USE the procrastination 'job' as a tool for your writing. It doesn't have to 'fit' with your current WIP, it can just be an exercise, but - it did it's 'job'- it got you writing.

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  1. Hi Kathy:

    I LOVE your bio!! It's clever, unique, and I smiled all the way through it! Well done! I can relate to your blog and the constant disruptions, namely the ones in our head. I think you pose a great solution, one well worth trying.

    Good luck to you!