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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Very Sad Day Indeed....

Well, it's official... I am not all great and powerful and the world does NOT beckon to my every whim. Okay, in my head it still works that way, but in the real world- hell no! My baby is in the hospital. Yup, hardrive going down- had to take her in to see if they can bring her back from the 'mostly dead'. Where is Miracle Max when you need him? Oy, so, today's lesson is- new computer does not instantly = better computer. In April- after I'd completed my book and my husband had gotten a bonus- he took me out and bought me a bright shiny new laptop. We poured over which to buy, and in the end, settled on almost the exact same model that he'd bought me six years prior. I'd never had a problem with my laptop, and in fact, except for a small 'cold' that took her out of commission for a week or so, she had been the ultimate computer best friend. (As a matter of fact, I'm writing on her as we, er, speak.)

So, now for the 'Yes, Virginia, Kathy is not the brightest' moment. Can we say, backup your work? Everybody, repeat after me - 'Even though you have a NEW computer and you've NEVER had a computer issue before- BACK UP YOUR WORK!'

Yes, as the Geek Squad leader (who maintains five external hard drives at his home for all of his precious electronic 'stuff') told me- you MUST backup. So, moral of the story- don't think that NEW is BETTER- because sometimes, it just ain't the truth! Now, everyone say a little prayer for Tansy's recovery- because, even though most of it's in my head- it just won't be the same if I don't get it back in one piece.

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  1. Oh, how awful. I feel for you. I hope everything can be recovered. I'm sending all kinds of positive thoughts your way!