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Thursday, January 5, 2012

No, really... I'm still around!

I realized today that I have been very absent from my weekly blog. What can I say? Life (i.e. holidays, birthdays, work that pays more than 99 cents a copy, etc.) have been running my days and nights.

I have been ignoring my writing like a bad spouse- cheating on my own creative time with DVR'd television that I MUST watch, work that will pay the bills, and tons of holiday shopping and general errands and tasks that must be done this time of year. But, you say, it's a new year! Full of resolutions and promises to ourselves it promises to be a great one- as long as we can stick it out. I am no foolish woman. After a multitude of years where resolutions hit the can around week two, sometimes stretching to a month, I've learned not to set myself up for disappointment. Instead, I can only resolve to try harder; to make good on at least a fraction of what I would like to accomplish.

One of my fellow inmates (Of the Writer's Asylum) has started the year off with her new creative brainchild for productivity - 'WRoE'- Writer's Rules of Engagement. I, of course, am jealous of Cindy's valiant attempt at besting the procrastinator demons that we writers wrestle every day. For myself, as long as I'm doing something 'writing related' each day, I'm feeling good. I am a reviewer for Tracy Riva Books and Reviews (of course, check it out for great ideas on books to read! so on the days when I can't get my own creative juices flowing (or simply cannot stand to be in front of my computer after working my job as a virtual instructor) I read. Remember, reading is research for writing; especially when you are giving a review. So, while I would like my productivity to be more of my own creative outpourings, I feel confident that I'm keeping my imagination going by reading a good (or sometimes not) book.

Here's Happy New Year to all and to all a good 2012!

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