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Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Lenten Offering

I have a distinct deficit in willpower. Lent is always a struggle for me, no matter what I go without. I started thinking about this lack of willpower, and realized, there is a distinct possbility it is related to my lazy-factor. Working from home, currently at night, has led me into a daytime life of watching DVR'd shows and sitting on my arse being soooo unproductive. So,istead of just restricting myself from an item (chocolate), which, in actuality makes me just yearn (oh, chocolate) and think (dark, light, milk, white) of that item even more thereby reducing my overall productivy (where was I going with this?); I will be adding something meaningful to my day.

There are many things I could do to add to my day in order to make it more productive or 'worthwhile.' However, I choose writing. I have been very bad so far this year in sticking to my resolution to write more. I constantly beat myself up over NOT writing, and that needs to change. I cannot be as good of parent, spouse, friend etc. if I am not first good to myself.

And so, my internet procrastination (also a HUGE contributor to the lazy-factor) must come to and end. I must get busy and write! Oh, and to keep myself honest about actually doing the writing, I'll post the first line I write each day- some will be good, some will be eh, and some will be downright turrrrible. But, I'll be writing and keeping my promise of each day.

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